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In order to add your website to the Relevant Directory online catalog, please fill out the form below with your website information, and click "Add Site". Confirmation email containing activation link will be sent to the email that you specify at the time of site submission, so make sure the email that you provide is valid.

Please Keep to These Guidelines:

  1. Only websites in English are accepted. If website has versions in multiple languages, please submit English version of the site only.
  2. Listings of low-quality and non-informative websites are likely to be rejected, as well as websites with pop-ups and spy-scripts.
  3. Headline of the listing should contain official name of the website, not just a bunch of keywords.
  4. Description of your website should be consistent and informative, not just a bunch of keywords.
  5. Headline, description, and all separate sentences in the description should begin with a capital letter. Please do not misuse capital letters in the heading and description text. Capitals should be used only in abbreviations and names.
  6. Add your listings to relevant categories.

Category and Region are optional but one of them is required!
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